Effect of Human Papillomavirus vaccination of daughters on the cervical screening uptake of their non-vaccinated mothers

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Aim: This study investigated return to cervical screening rates for 112 451 under-screened mothers of daughters offered Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination over two school academic years and a comparator group of women with no vaccine-eligible daughter. Results: Mothers returned to screening more often than the comparator group: odds ratio (OR) 1.04 (95% confidence intervals 1.02–1.07) for lapsed and 1.57 (1.48–1.67) for never screened. Screening return was significantly higher in the year prior to HPV vaccination for lapsed mothers (OR = 1.06) and in the current vaccination year for lapsed and never screened mothers (OR = 1.05 and 1.16 respectively). Conclusion: The modest increase in screening attendance indicates a potential for the HPV vaccine programme to increase screening uptake of mothers.

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