The 3′ terminal sequence of RNA1 of wheat spindle streak mosaic virus canadian isolate (WSSMV-C)

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The sequence of the 3′ terminal 1722 nucleotides (nts) of RNA1 of the type (Canadian) isolate of wheat spindle streak mosaic bymovirus (WSSMV-C) was determined. The sequence started within a single open reading frame (ORF), which was expected to encode the carboxyl terminus of the nuclear inclusion b protein (NIb) and the capsid protein (CP) of 294 amino acids, followed by a 3′ untranslated region (UTR) of 237 nucleotides. The NIb and CP of WSSMV-C share 99 and 100% amino acid sequence identity with the corresponding proteins of WSSMV-French isolate (WSSMV-F), but only 89 and 77% with wheat yellow mosaic virus (WYMV-J), respectively. The 3′UTR of RNA1 of WSSMV-C shares 94% nucleotide sequence identity with that of WSSMV-F but only 73% with WYMV-J and WYMV-Chinese isolate (WYMV-Chi). The results support the classification of WSSMV-C and WSSMV-F as strains of the same virus species which is distinct from WYMV.

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