Workplace Goal Orientation: Development of a Measure

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A measure for workplace goal orientation was developed and validated across three independent samples. In Study 1 (n = 415), scales for workplace learning, performance, and avoidance goal orientation were developed. Study 2 (n = 511) examined the scales' associations with dispositional goal orientations and employee achievements. Study 3 (n = 292) investigated the scales' associations with several workplace characteristics, that is, autonomy, challenging work, and Leader-Member Exchange (LMX). The data were analyzed with confirmative factor analysis and structural equation modeling. Overall, the findings indicate that the scales were reliable, measured distinct constructs, were distinct from measures for dispositional goal orientation, contributed to the prediction of self-reported achievement beyond the effect of dispositional goal orientation, and had meaningful relationships with workplace characteristics. As such, the new measure appears a valuable tool for measuring workplace goal orientation that can be used for theoretical and applied purposes.

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