Quantum Physics Principles and Communication in the Acute Healthcare Setting: A Pilot Study

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This pilot study explores whether clinician awareness of quantum physics principles could facilitate open communication between patients and providers.


In the spirit of action research, this study was conceptualized with a holistic view of human health, using a mixed method design of grounded theory as an emergent method.


Instrumentation includes surveys and a focus group discussion with twelve registered nurses working in an acute care hospital setting.


Findings document that the preliminary core phenomenon, energy as information, influences communication in the healthcare environment. Key emergent themes include awareness, language, validation, open communication, strategies, coherence, incoherence and power.


Research participants indicate that quantum physics principles provide a language and conceptual framework for improving their awareness of communication and interactions in the healthcare environment. Implications of this pilot study support the feasibility of future research and education on awareness of quantum physics principles in other clinical settings.

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