Successful Spontaneous Conception and Live Birth in a Woman with an Extremely Low Level of Anti-Müllerian Hormone Who Received Korean Herbal Medicine (Bogungsamul-tang): A Case Report

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Conventional treatments do not appreciably improve fecundity in women with extremely low-serum levels of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH). In Korea, herbal medicine is widely used to treat female infertility. We report a case in which an infertile woman with a very low AMH level naturally conceived after two months of herbal treatment (Bogungsamul-tang), ultimately giving birth to a full-term baby. Although AMH levels were not measured immediately before and after treatment, our study suggests that Korean herbal remedies are a viable option for infertile women with negligible AMH levels. Further studies should be performed to fully assess the clinical effects of Bogungsamul-tang in such women.

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