Relation Between Firing Conditions Grain Boundary Structure and Magnetic Properties in Polycrystalline MnZn-Ferrites

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The influence of the firing conditions on the nanoscale structure of the grain boundaries and on the magnetic properties of polycrystalline MnZn-ferrites is investigated, on specimens of nearly identical microstructures. High oxygen partial pressures favor accumulation of impurity ions at the triple points. Under appropriate oxygen pressures homogeneous accumulation of impurities along the grain boundaries may occur, revealing therefore chemically pure grains and low hysteresis losses; simultaneously an increase of the grain boundary resistivity occurs that results to low eddy current losses. Managing the raw material impurity cations towards controlled grain boundary structures leads to the synthesis of MnZn-ferrites with power losses similar to those achieved when high purity raw materials are used together with externally introduced additives.

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