Melaena as the presenting symptom of gastric mucosal injury due to blunt abdominal trauma

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Blunt abdominal trauma is a common cause of admission to the typical trauma centre. Hollow viscus injury from blunt trauma, however, is unusual and rarely involves the stomach. A 15 year old boy sustained a bicycle handle bar injury to the abdomen and presented to the casualty department four days later with melaena. A computed tomography (CT) scan of the abdomen showed normal findings but endoscopy revealed two “kissing” areas of mucosal ulceration on the anterior and posterior wall of the gastric antrum. The patient received a blood transfusion for anaemia but was otherwise treated conservatively and made a full recovery. The authors believe this to be the first reported case of melaena as the primary presenting symptom of gastric ulceration secondary to blunt abdominal trauma. Diagnosis of hollow viscus injuries due to blunt abdominal trauma requires a high index of suspicion and thorough investigation, particularly if the presentation is delayed.

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