Trace Metal Concentrations in the Crab Macrophthalmus Depressus and Sediments on the Kuwait Coast

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Copper, nickel, lead, vanadium and zinc concentrations were determined in marine crab, viz. Macrophthalmus depressus (Crustacea: Decapoda) and surface sediments in order to assess the impact of petroleum-refining activities and the 1991 Gulf war. Sample solutions prepared were analyzed using the atomic absorption spectrophotometry technique. Results show that crab and sediment samples contain 16.2–172.6; 12.5–149.3 Cu, 0.52–1.68; 4.95–17.45 Ni, 0.66–2.07; 10.60–35.60 Pb, 0.52–2.30; 1.50–15.50 V, 168.80–268.80; 90.70–280.0 Zn respectively. All the trace metals analyzed in Stations I–III, covering the Kuwait city area, were often greatly in excess of those present in the remaining stations, while lead in the sediment samples were more in Station V. Significant correlations are observed between some trace metals in crab and sediments samples, indicating their common association with them.

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