Model Radiants of the Geminid Meteor Shower

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This paper describes the final stage of the study of the Geminid meteoroid stream formation and evolution using the nested polynomials method reported by Ryabova (in: Warmbein (ed.) Meteoroids 2001, Proc. of the Internat. Conf., Kiruna, Sweden, 6–10 August 2001; MNRAS 375:1371–1380, 2007). In the previous work we discussed possibility to calibrate the model using the shape of the model activity profiles and configuration of orbital parameters. Here we show that the radiant structure also could be utilized for this purpose, since the model radiant structure has a very specific pattern. Model area of radiation does not have a “classical” prolate linear shape, and the configuration of activity centers has a “V” shape. During one night of simulated observations several activity centers could be observed. The model produced maps of the velocity distribution in the radiant area.

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