Search for Past Signs of October Ursae Majorids

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A new meteroid stream—October Ursa Majorids—was announced by Japanese observers on Oct. 14–16, 2006 (Uehara et al. 2006). Its weak manifestation was detected among coincidental major meteor showers (N/S Taurids, Orionids), as its meteors radiated from a higher placed radiant on the northern sky. We have tried to find out previous displays of the stream throughout available meteor orbits databases, and among ancient celestial phenomena records. Although we got no obvious identification, there are some indications that it could be a meteor shower of cometary origin with weak/irregular activity, mostly overlayed by regular coincidental meteor showers. With a procedure based on D-criterion (Southworth and Hawkins 1963) we found a few records in IAU MDC database of meteor photographic orbits which fulfill common similarity limits, for October Ursae Majorids. However, their real association cannot be established, yet. With respect to the mean orbit of this stream, we suggest for its parent body a long-period comet.

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