The Armagh Observatory Meteor Camera Cluster: Overview and Status

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Armagh Observatory installed a sky monitoring system consisting of two wide angle (90° × 52°) and one medium angle (52° × 35°) cameras in July 2005. The medium angle camera is part of a double station setup with a similar camera in Bangor, ∼73 km ENE of Armagh. All cameras use UFOCapture to record meteors automatically; software for off-line photometry, astrometry and double station calculations is currently being developed. The specifications of the cameras and cluster configuration are described in detail. 2425 single station meteors (1167, 861 and 806 by the medium-angle and the wide-angle cameras respectively) and 547 double station meteors were recorded during the months July 2005 to Dec 2006. About 212 double station meteors were recorded by more than one camera in the cluster. The effects of weather conditions on camera productivity are discussed. The distribution of single and double station meteor counts observed for the years 2005 and 2006 and calibrated for weather conditions are presented.

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