Topical ER36009, a RARγ-Selective Retinoid, Decreases Abdominal White Adipose Tissue and Elicits Changes in Expression of Genes Related to Adiposity and Thermogenesis

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Chronic topical treatment of rats with a new RARγ-selective retinoid, ER36009, resulted in a significant reduction of epididymal white adipose tissue and a significant increase of interscapular brown adipose tissue without affecting food intake. ER36009 markedly decreased PPAR γ, 11β-HSD1, and Bcl-2 mRNA levels, and increased Bax mRNA in white adipose tissue, while it upregulated UCP1 and UCP3 mRNAs in brown adipose tissue and UCP3 mRNA in gastrocnemial muscle. These results suggest that ER36009 has multiple effects on adipose tissue biology and the energy balance. Topically applied ER36009 may have potential for the treatment of obesity.

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