Effect of an Acid Environment on Leakage of Root-End Filling Materials

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One hundred fifty-six single-rooted human extracted teeth received root canal treatment, apicoectomy, and ultrasonic root-end preparations. The roots were divided into six groups of 24 teeth. The groups were filled with Amalgam, Geristore, Super-EBA, Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA), Calcium Phosphate Cement (CPC), or MTA with CPC matrix, respectively. Immediately after root-end filling, 12 teeth from each group were exposed to a pH of 5.0 for 24 h, and 12 teeth were exposed to a pH of 7.4 for 24 h. Twelve teeth served as controls. All teeth were exposed to Pelikan Ink for 5 days and cleared. Linear dye leakage was recorded. Data were statistically analyzed. An acid pH significantly reduced dye leakage of Geristore (0.67 vs. 3.93 mm) and MTA with CPC matrix (0.54 vs. 2.41 mm), whereas leakage of all other materials was not affected by pH. In conclusion an acid environment did not hinder the sealing ability of any of the materials tested, and enhanced the sealing ability of Geristore and MTA with CPC matrix.

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