Internal Root Resorption Associated with Inadequate Caries Removal and Orthodontic Therapy

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This case report presents a case of internal root resorption originating from inadequate caries removal and orthodontic therapy in maxillary right lateral incisor in a 13-yr-old female. A preoperative, panoramic radiograph taken at the orthodontic office showed no evidence of resorption, however, the composite restoration in the coronal portion was inadequate. During 4 months of nickel titanium orthodontic wire activation, the patient suffered spontaneous pain. Periapical radiographs revealed internal root resorption in the middle third of the root. Endodontic treatment was accomplished and coronal restorations were completed with composite resin. Periodical radiograph examination as well as orthodontic treatment was continued. The tooth was clinically and radiographically healthy at the 18-month follow-up. The importance of the preoperative radiographic examination as well as radiographs during orthodontic treatment is affirmed.

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