Cardiovascular Effects and Efficacy of a Hemostatic Agent in Periradicular Surgery

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the hemostatic efficacy and systemic cardiovascular effects of CollaCote™ collagen sponges saturated with 2.25% racemic epinephrine during endodontic surgery. A total of 48 patients participated in the study. Patients received CollaCote-saline or CollaCote-epinephrine placed in the bony crypt, after which hemostatic efficacy was evaluated. Blood pressure and pulse rate was recorded before and after administration of the local anesthetic, after the application of the test solutions, and before the patient's dismissal. Results showed no significant difference in blood pressure or pulse rate between the experimental and control groups. In the CollaCote-saline group, five of six cases failed to achieve hemorrhage control. In the CollaCote-epinephrine group, 1 of 42 cases had no hemorrhage control. Two patients had slight but apparent intermittent bleeding. Complete hemostasis was achieved in 39 of 42 cases. In conclusion, the results suggest that CollaCote collagen sponges saturated with 2.25% racemic epinephrine provide excellent hemostasis with no evident changes in blood pressure or pulse rate.

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