Evaluation of Apical Filling After Warm Vertical Gutta-Percha Compaction Using Different Procedures

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The aim of the present study was to evaluate the quality of endodontic sealing in the apical 4 mm of narrow and curved canals using different filling techniques. Human teeth were selected and assigned to four different techniques: group A, Schilder's warm vertical condensation; group B, Schilder's technique modified by using an electric heater; group C, Schilder's technique modified by compaction of the apical tract at body temperature; and group D, a modified vertical compaction with apical back-filling. A dye penetration test was performed, and specimens of group D showed increased apical sealing and reduced extension of voids. The use of the vertical compaction with apical back-filling technique allowed the creation of an effective apical plug and an excellent adaptation of back-filling to apical gutta-percha and to root canal walls.

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