Effect of pH Modified EDTA Solution to the Properties of Dentin

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of smear layer removal with 3% EDTA solution (pH of 9.0) on the dentin in terms of the permeability of root canal disinfectants into the dentin, wetting by endodontic sealer, and adhesive strength of the sealer. Three types of disinfectant (formalin cresol, phenol, and calcium hydroxide) and 4 types of endodontic sealers (included eugenol, non-eugenol, polycarboxylic acid, and resin) were used. The contact angle between endodontic sealer solution and dentin decreased in the 3% EDTA group but increased in the 15% EDTA. The adhesive strength of endodontic sealer to dentin increased in the EDTA groups for all types of sealers. The permeability of root canal disinfectants increased to similar degrees in the 3% and the 15% EDTA groups. In comparing these properties, we propose that the 3% EDTA is more useful for clinical applications.

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