Effect of CHX on the Decalcifying Effect of 10% Citric Acid, 20% Citric Acid, or 17% EDTA

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The objective of this study was to measure the demineralization capacity of 10% and 20% citric acid and 17% EDTA after three time periods and to determine whether it was modified by the addition of 1% of commercial chlorhexidine (CHX).Three slices of 2-mm thickness were cut from the cervical third of the root of ten bovine incisors and sectioned into two equal parts, obtaining six specimens per tooth. Specimens were assigned to one of six groups (n = 10) for immersion in 25 ml of the above mentioned solutions or 25 ml of these same solutions plus 1% CHX (Hibimax). At 3, 10, and 15 min of immersion, the concentration of Ca2+ was measured by atomic absorption spectrophometry.The demineralization effect of all solutions was time-dependent (F = 158,448; p < 0.001), without significant differences among them (p = 0.783). Addition of 1% CHX did not modify the demineralizing capacity of these solutions. In the first three minutes, significantly more [Ca2+] was obtained when 17% EDTA was used in comparison with the other solutions.

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