Improving the Performance of EndoREZ Root Canal Sealer With a Dual-cured Two-Step Self-etch Adhesive. II. Apical and Coronal Seal

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This study tested the hypothesis that the seal of EndoREZ may be improved with an adhesive-modified technique. Instrumented single-rooted teeth were filled with: (a) Warm vertical compaction with AH Plus (control); (b). EndoREZ with master cones and passive application of accessory cones; (c) Application of Clearfil Liner Bond 2V before EndoREZ and gutta-percha condensation. Leakage was assessed by fluid filtration at 10 psi before root resection and after 3 to 12 mm apical resections. Statistical analyses revealed significant differences in filling technique and resection lengths. EndoREZ exhibited significantly higher overall leakage, while no difference was found between AH Plus and the adhesive-modified EndoRez technique. Apical resection of EndoREZ to 12 mm exhibited more leakage than all other interactions, but was not significantly different from the same material resected to 9 mm. Although EndoREZ exhibited an acceptable apical seal, its coronal seal may be improved with the use of a dual-cured self-etch adhesive.

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