Root Maturation in Teeth Treated by Unsuccessful Revitalization: 2 Case Reports

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This article deals with the unusual course of failed revascularization/revitalization cases. Up to this date the evidence of success and failure rates of revascularization/revitalization treatment is scarce. These case reports present “unsuccessful” revascularization/revitalization treatment of permanent immature teeth with apical periodontitis. Although the teeth were treated by protocol suggested by the American Association of Endodontists and the symptoms disappeared, maturation of teeth continued, and periapical lesion was reduced, the teeth went symptomatic during the follow-up. Subsequently, regular root canal treatment was performed. Despite chronic infection that was probably left inside the root canal after a disinfection protocol, the secondary aims of the treatment were achieved even when the primary ones were not. The possible causes of failures of revascularization/revitalization treatment and their prevention are discussed.

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