Mandibular Premolars with Immature Roots and Apical Periodontitis Lesions Treated with Pulpotomy: Report of 3 Cases

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This is a case series of 3 immature permanent teeth with dens evaginatus, partial pulp necrosis, and apical periodontitis that were treated by calcium hydroxide pulpotomy. In all cases, follow-up examinations revealed that the radicular pulp vitality was preserved, periapical lesions were healed, and the root canal walls were narrowed by hard tissue deposition. Repair of the apical root differed from case to case; further apical root development occurred in 2 cases, but apical closure was apparent in all of them. This case series report opens a perspective on the use of pulpotomy as an alternative option to treat immature teeth with partial vital pulp tissue and apical periodontitis.

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