Revascularization-associated Intracanal Calcification: Assessment of Prevalence and Contributing Factors

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IntroductionIntracanal calcifications have been reported in endodontic cases after revascularization. The purpose of the current study was to determine the incidence of intracanal calcification and potential contributing factors in retrospective revascularization cases.MethodsAmong 37 patients who had undergone revascularization between 2010 and 2014, 29 cases were assessed with average follow-up period of 24.9 months. Clinical and radiographic examinations were performed to evaluate the treatment outcomes, eg, resolution of apical periodontitis (AP), root development, and occurrence of intracanal calcification. Radiographic assessment revealed varied calcification patterns, which were classified into calcific barrier or canal obliteration, collectively referred to as revascularization-associated intracanal calcification (RAIC).ResultsAll 29 cases demonstrated resolution of AP, whereas continued root development with apical closure occurred in 23 of 29 cases (79.3%). RAIC was noted in 18 of 29 cases (62.1%), among which 5 of 18 cases (27.8%) were classified as calcific barrier and 13 of 18 cases as canal obliteration (72.2%). Higher frequency of RAIC was noted in the cases with induced bleeding (16 of 23 cases, 69.6%), whereas the 6 cases without induced bleeding showed RAIC at 33.4%. Also, RAIC occurred more frequently in cases medicated with Ca(OH)2 (10 of 13 cases, 76.9%) than in those medicated with antibiotic pastes (6 of 13 cases, 46.2%).ConclusionsThis study indicated that RAIC is common (62.1%) among cases treated with revascularization. Multiple contributing factors may include the type of medicaments and induction of intracanal bleeding. Although RAIC does not interfere with resolution of AP, some cases may progress to complete obliteration of root canals and would impede normal function of dental pulp tissues.

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