New genera and new species of the family Dictyopharidae (Homoptera), with notes on the systematics of the subfamily Dictyopharinae

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14 new genera and 17 new species of the subfamily Dictyopharinae are described from the tropical and southern subtropical regions, partly based on the previously described species lacking recent attribution. In addition, new species of the genera Macronaso Synave (2) and Arjuna Muir (1) are described. The rank, limits, and systematic position of the tribe Aluntiini (formerly a subfamily of the Fulgoridae) are revised, the tribes Taosini and Lappidini are downgraded to subtribes of the Nersiini. Redescription of the genus Putala Mel. is given based on the lectotype (designated in this paper) of the type species, the genus is treated as monotypical. Dictyophara timorina Lallemand is transferred to Anasta gen. n., thus a new combination is formed: A. timorina (Lall.), ridge. n.

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