Reproductive biology of southwestern Atlantic wreckfish, polyprion americanus (Teleostei: Polyprionidae)

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SynopsisWe report on the reproductive biology of southwestern Atlantic wreckfish. Females mature first at 77.9 cm total length (TL) (10.4 years) and all are mature by 90 cm TL (15.2 years). Males mature first at 74.9 cm (9 years) and all are mature by 80 cm TL (10.9 years). The wreckfish is a gonochoristic multiple spawner and the gonadal cycle is synchronized at the population level. Spawning occurs from late July to early October along the continental slope (<300 m). Ovarian fecundity varies from 3 to 11.9 million (135–311 oocytes × g−1) and increases exponentially with length. Spawning at western boundary current systems, maintained by homing of adults, is a basic requirement for self-sustaining populations of this species.

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