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Bacterial pectate lyases, structural and functional diversity
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Unravelling the cross-talk between iron starvation and oxidative stress responses highlights the key role of PerR (alr0957) in peroxide signalling in the cyanobacterium N ostoc PCC 7120
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Synergic role of the two ars operons in arsenic tolerance in Pseudomonas putida KT2440
Electron transport and protein secretion pathways involved in Mn(III) reduction by S hewanella oneidensis
Comparative proteomics of Mn(II)-oxidizing and non-oxidizing R oseobacter clade bacteria reveal an operative manganese transport system but minimal Mn(II)-induced expression of manganese oxidation and antioxidant enzymes
Evidence of nickel (Ni) efflux in Ni-tolerant ectomycorhizal P isolithus albus isolated from ultramafic soil
Ring-Hydroxylating Oxygenase database: a database of bacterial aromatic ring-hydroxylating oxygenases in the management of bioremediation and biocatalysis of aromatic compounds
Single-cell genomics reveals potential for magnetite and greigite biomineralization in an uncultivated multicellular magnetotactic prokaryote
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