The role of the nitrate respiration element of Thermus thermophilus in the control and activity of the denitrification apparatus

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SummaryThe nitrate conjugative element (NCE) encodes the ability to respire nitrate in the facultative Thermus thermophilus NAR1 strain. This process is carried out by two heterotetrameric enzymes that catalyse the oxidation of NADH (Nrc) and the reduction of nitrate (Nar), whose expression is activated by the NCE-encoded transcription factors DnrS and DnrT. We report the presence of NCE in other facultative strains of T. thermophilus and analyse its role in subsequent steps of the denitrification pathway. We encountered that nrc mutants of denitrifying strains show a decrease in anaerobic growth rates not only with nitrate, but also with nitrite, NO and N2O, which is concomitant to their lower NADH oxidation activities in vitro. We show that nitrate, nitrite and NO are activating signals for transcription of nrc in these strains. Finally, we demonstrate that DnrS and DnrT are required for anaerobic growth not only with nitrate, but also with nitrite, NO and N2O. These data allow us to conclude that: (i) Nrc constitutes the main electron donor for the four reductases of the denitrification pathway, and (ii) the NCE controls the expression of the whole denitrification pathway and the repression of the aerobic respiration through the transcription factors DnrS and DnrT.

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