Contributions of burner, pan, meat and salt to PM emission during grilling

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Grilling ground beef meat was conducted in two locations at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan. The experiments were designed such that only particles from beef meat were isolated. A similar experimental protocol was applied at both locations. The average particle number and mass emission rates for grilling pure meat itself (excluding particles from pan and burner) were found to be 9.4 × 1012(SD = 7.2 × 1012 particle min−1 and 7.6 × 10 (SD = 6.3 × 10) mg.min−1, respectively. The PM emissions (number and mass) from the burner were found to be negligible compared to the pan and meat emissions. Ultrafine particle (UFP) concentrations from the heated pan itself were comparable to those of grilled meat. However, the particle mass concentrations from the pan itself were negligible. Approximately an hour of continuous heating resulted in zero emissions from the pan.

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