Landslides in the Garhwal Lesser Himalaya, UP, India

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SummaryThe Garhwal Lesser Himalaya is one of the most fascinating segments of the Himalayan arc and in many ways quite unique in its geomorphological features and geological setting. Although it has a mild and mature topography in comparison with the Central and Outer Himalayas, with its deeply dissected valleys it is more immature than other areas such as the Himachal and Kumaon Lesser Himalayas. Debris flows, rock falls and slow mass rock movements are frequent within this part of the Himalayas. The frequent landslides in the area are controlled by the trends of the rocks and slopes, the structural features and the rock lithologies. Correlating all these factors, this paper illustrates how the slopes on the ridges parallel to the Himalayan trend (i.e. WNW–ESE) are the most susceptible for the mass failure.

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