Commentary : Breaking Bias
Simultaneous Treatment of Missing Data and Measurement Error in HIV Research Using Multiple Overimputation
To Be or Not to Be : Bayesian Correction for Misclassification of Self-reported Sexual Behaviors Among Men Who Have Sex with Men
Multiple Imputation to Account for Measurement Error in Marginal Structural Models
Estimating HIV Incidence, Time to Diagnosis, and the Undiagnosed HIV Epidemic Using Routine Surveillance Data
Brief Report : Respondent-driven Sampling Estimators Under Real and Theoretical Recruitment Conditions of Female Sex Workers in China
Brief Report : Incubation Period Duration and Severity of Clinical Disease Following Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Infection
Commentary : Value Judgments in Health Inequality Measurement
Lies, Damned Lies, and Health Inequality Measurements : Understanding the Value Judgments
To Treat or to Prevent? : Reducing the Population Burden of Violence-related Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Comparative Effectiveness of Oxaliplatin Versus 5-flourouricil in Older Adults : An Instrumental Variable Analysis
Mediators of First- Versus Second-generation Antipsychotic-related Mortality in Older Adults
Commentary : On Effect Measures, Heterogeneity, and the Laws of Nature
Is the Risk Difference Really a More Heterogeneous Measure?
Model Selection of the Effect of Binary Exposures over the Life Course
Negative Control Outcomes and the Analysis of Standardized Mortality Ratios
Low-level Mercury Exposure and Risk of Asthma in School-age Children
Interactions Between Air Pollution and Obesity on Blood Pressure and Hypertension in Chinese Children
Ambient Fine Particulate Matter, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy in New York City
Dietary Patterns and Cognitive Decline Among Chinese Older Adults
Brief Report : Meta-analysis of Antacid Use and Alzheimer’s Disease
Commentary : ISEE Call for Action for Global Control of Lead Exposure to Eliminate Lead Poisoning
Estimating the Effect of Cumulative Occupational Asbestos Exposure on Time to Lung Cancer Mortality : Erratum
Miscarriage in Flight Attendants : Erratum
Marginal Structural Models as a Tool for Standardization : Erratum
An Application of Inverse Probability Weighting Estimation of Marginal Structural Models of a Continuous Exposure : Benzodiazepines and Delirium
High Birth Prevalence Rates for Congenital Anomalies in South American Regions
Dealing with the Serious Underrepresentation of Editors from Low-income Countries
Re : Examining the Association Between Kawasaki Disease and Pertussis
The Authors Respond
The Association of Lifestyle with Antibiotic Consumption
“Crude Vaccine Effectiveness” Is a Misleading Term in Test-negative Studies of Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness
2014 Failed Influenza Vaccination Winter Campaign : Impact on Emergency Medical Service Calls Assessed by Telemedicine
Re : Mortality Related to Extreme Temperature for 15 Cities in Northeast Asia
The Authors Respond