Neurogenesis and neuronal regeneration in status epilepticus

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Neurogenesis in the adult central nervous system has been well documented in several mammals including humans. By now, a plethora of data has been generated with the aim of understanding the molecular and cellular events governing neurogenesis. This growing comprehension will provide the basis for modulation of neurogenesis for therapeutic purposes, in particular in neurodegenerative diseases. Herein, we review the current knowledge on neurogenesis, in particular in the frame of epilepsy, since seizures have massive effects on neurogenesis. Conversely, some studies have suggested that aberrant neurogenesis might contribute to the development or manifestation of epilepsy and, moreover, chronic inhibition of neurogenesis in epilepsy might contribute to comorbidities of epilepsy such as cognitive deficits. Therefore, a better understanding of neurogenesis in the context of epilepsy is still required for future therapeutic purposes.

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