The distribution of travel-associated Legionnaires' disease within selected European countries, and a comparison with tourist patterns

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Much data has been gathered by the EWGLINET scheme on the distribution of cases of travel-associated Legionnaires' disease (TALD) by country of infection, but less analysis has been carried out on the distribution of these cases within countries. Travel-associated cases with onset in 2002 linked to France, Italy, Spain and Turkey were mapped. Rates of Legionnaires' disease per 100 000 tourists were calculated for internal and foreign visitors for the regions of each country, and mapped. Rates of 1·5 cases/100 000 and 2 cases/100 000 tourists were classified as 'high' and 'very high' respectively. Cases of TALD were concentrated in certain regions, but when rates were calculated using tourist data, the results were relatively constant throughout each country. Rates were higher among foreign visitors than internal visitors; three of the countries had at least one region with 'high' rates, whilst Turkey additionally had three regions with 'very high' rates.

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