Global Diabetes Survey: call for your participation

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Today, there is a controversy about adequate quality of diabetes care and the best concept for the implementation of National Diabetes Plans. In September 2011, the United Nations Summit for Non-Communicable Diseases agreed on a consensus that national plans for prevention and control of diabetes have to be developed, implemented and monitored.


The goal of the Global Diabetes Survey (GDS) is to present an annual report about the quality of national diabetes care which will be assessed by the use of a standardised questionnaire. The GDS will be based on the appraisals of different groups of people such as patients, diabetes educators and general practitioners. The assessment will be performed globally on an annual basis and the results will make possible a comparative analysis between regions and countries. The findings will be freely available for everyone's use and will provide information for politicians and stakeholders to encourage them to improve the quality of diabetes care in its medical, economical, structural and political dimensions.


Your are the expert and you are invited – if you are interested in the GDS – to register on the website:

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