CP-093 The impact of myeloma multiple clinical trials on medication cost savings

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Medication costs are increasing, and hospital budgets are small. Clinical trials are an alternative for medication cost savings.


To assess the savings for medication by inclusion of patients in myeloma multiple (MM) clinical trials (CT).

Material and methods

A retrospective, observational and descriptive study was conducted from January 2013 to December 2015 in the pharmacy department of a university hospital. Ongoing MM clinical trials were included. Exclusion criteria were: CT without patients enrolled and CT without patients on treatment. The following data were collected by the pk ensayos application: protocol number, study design, phase, arms (experimental vs control), medication information (provided or not by the CT sponsor, marketed or not), patient information (randomisation number, assigned arm, start and end date of treatment, number of dispensed medications). For the economic evaluation, the direct cost recorded in the application for the medication management in the pharmacy (Gestockwin) was used. Indirect costs were estimated for medications not marketed. This was calculated by the direct cost of the therapeutic alternative in routine clinical practice.


17 MM clinical trials were ongoing during the study. 64.7% (11) of the CT were excluded: 5 CT had not enrolled any patients and 6 CT did not have any patients on treatment. 100% of the CT included were phase III. The sponsor provided all the medication necessary for the study in 66.6% (4) of the CT and partially in the 33.4% (2). The investigational medications involved were: zoledronic acid, bortezomib, bulsufan, daratumumab, denosumab, dexamethasone, elotuzumab, lenalidomide and MLN9708. The total number of patients were 42. The average number of patients included in a CT were 7 (2–19). The cost savings were €683 886. The average per CT was €113 981.12 (€5463–428 846)) and per patient was €16.283 (€271–12 620). The annual average was €341 943.17.


Conducting MM clinical trials has led to important cost savings for the hospital.


No conflict of interest

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