DI-022 Use and clinical experience of DOLUTEGRAVIR/ABACAVIR/LAMIVUDINA in a tertiary hospital

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The new co-formulated drugs for HIV have made great strides in treating the disease and have achieved excellent health outcomes in patients.


To analyse the use of dolutegravir/abacavir/lamivudine co-formulated (DTG/ABC/3TC) 50 mg/600 mg/300 mg in HIV infected patients and to evaluate short term effectiveness.

Material and methods

A retrospective observational study was conducted in all patients who started DTG/ABC/3TC in our hospital. The variables included were: age, gender, number of previous antiretroviral regimens, patient type (naïve, pretreated), reason for prescription (treatment initiation, switch strategies and virological failure) and viral load (VL) pretreatment and after 4 and 12 weeks.


33 patients started treatment with DTG/ABC/3TC, and in 3 it was discontinued it. Mean age of the patients was 51 (±13.4) years and 75.7% were men. 81.9% of patients had been previously treated with at least one antiretroviral regimen. Regarding reasons for prescription we found: treatment naïve patients in 18.1%, presence of virologic failure in 15.1% and switch strategies in 66.8%. The switch strategies included 39.5% of prescriptions in order to improve the toxicity and management of comorbidities, 21.3% to avoid drug–drug interactions (mainly with future treatment of hepatitis C), 3% to improve adherence and 3% to avoid enhancing the haematologic toxicity of chemotherapy. Regarding treatment effectiveness: in naïve patients, after 12 weeks of treatment, VL decreased in 3 patients to <20 copies/mL, and 3 achieved undetectable VL. In patients with virological failure, 1 patient achieved <50 copies/mL, 2 patients <20 copies/mL and 2 patients undetectable VL. In the rest of the patients, 11 had undetectable VL, 9 patients <20 copies/mL and only 2 patients had increased VL at week 12.


DTG/ABC/3TC was used principally in pretreated patients, and switch strategies was the main reason for the prescriptions. In most patients, low or undetectable viral loads were obtained, thus achieving good disease control.

References and/or acknowledgements

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