DI-041 Collaboration between hospital pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists for improved quality of clinical answers in hospital care

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The Medicine Information Centre in the Capital Region of Denmark aims to promote the safe, effective and efficient use of medicines in order to improve quality of answers to inquiries from clinicians on drug related problems. A close knit group of highly experienced pharmacists and clinical pharmacologist work together on a daily basis.


To demonstrate the benefits of two healthcare professional groups contributing their specific knowledge and skills, exemplified by medical treatment related inquiries of a 4 month old infant with rickets.

Material and methods

MedicinInfo received a question regarding dilution of ergocalficerol (vitamin D) injection 100 000 IE/mL for a 4 month old paediatric patient with normal kidney and liver function for the treatment of rickets. Oral administration was not an option in this case. In total, the patient is prescribed 3000 IE intramuscular ergocalciferol by the paediatrician. However, this was not possible unless the drug was diluted. Initially the pharmacist considered every opportunity for dilution of the drug, as well as possible alternative treatments. Then the clinical pharmacologist was consulted to assess which drug and route of administration would be the most appropriate.


Contribution from the pharmacist:


Contribution from the clinical pharmacologist:


The case illustrates that interdisciplinary collaboration between pharmacist and clinical pharmacologist increases the quality of answers to drug related inquiries from healthcare professionals, as both professions’ professional competencies is utilised.


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