OHP-012 Technology at the service of the pharmacist: idea of software to support the ‘agenzia italiana del farmaco’ registers

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Potential loss of economic resources to recover from public health.


The aim of this work was to present a software project that should support the pharmacist during the control of the correct management of the ‘Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco’ (AIFA) registers.

Material and methods

Starting from the AIFA platform, we took a census of patients, specialist physicians, drugs with the relevant therapy forms and managed entry agreements (MEAs). All data, reported in the tables, were linked in order that the software would be able to calculate, for each drug, the relevant therapy form and pathology, correct timing between drug request (DR) and drug administration (DA), and the presence of possible ‘suspended’ treatments. Several ALERTS were set up:

Material and methods

The timing was calculated for relative MEAs.


Since July 2015, the experimental phase has begun and, at present, data are inputted manually. At present, 837 treatments have been inserted. Thanks to a prototype of the software, we detected 340 suspended treatments in 2015, suspended by physicians following solicitations on the part of the pharmacists. Among them, 82 had the right to reimbursement, but only 54 (66%) have received reimbursement (€200 000). In the first 6 months of 2016, 174 treatments have already been suspended following the intervention of the pharmacist, among them 37 with the right to reimbursement; for all of them, requests have already been forwarded.


In this initial phase, the software has optimised our work, allowing recovery of financial resources. As the project phase will be ended, we will try to connect our software to the AIFA register, in order to import directly useful data, and we will implement its use in all of our pharmacies. In the third phase of the project, the software will be put at physicians’ disposal to guide them in the correct timings of filling of the forms.

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