Possible involvement ofS-nitrosylation of brain cyclooxygenase-1 in bombesin-induced central activation of adrenomedullary outflow in rats

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We previously reported that both nitric oxide (NO) generated from NO synthase by bombesin and NO generated from SIN-1 (NO donor) activate the brain cyclooxygenase (COX) (COX-1 for bombesin), thereby eliciting the secretion of both catecholamines (CA) from the adrenal medulla by brain thromboxane A2-mediated mechanisms in rats. NO exerts its effects via not only soluble guanylate cyclase, but also protein S-nitrosylation, covalent modification of a protein cysteine thiol. In this study, we clarified the central mechanisms involved in the bombesin-induced elevation of plasma CA with regard to the relationship between NO and COX-1 using anesthetized rats. Bombesin (1 nmol/animal, i.c.v.)-induced elevation of plasma CA was attenuated by carboxy-PTIO (NO scavenger) (0.5 and 2.5 μmol/animal, i.c.v.), but was not influenced by ODQ (soluble guanylate cyclase inhibitor) (100 and 300 nmol/animal, i.c.v.). The bombesin-induced response was effectively reduced by dithiothreitol (thiol-reducing reagent) (0.4 and 1.9 μmol/kg/animal, i.c.v.) and by N-ethylmaleimide (thiol-alkylating reagent) (0.5 and 2.4 μmol/kg/animal, i.c.v.). The doses of dithiothreitol also reduced the SIN-1 (1.2 μmol/animal, i.c.v.)-induced elevation of plasma CA, but had no effect on the U-46619 (thromboxane A2 analog) (100 nmol/animal, i.c.v.)-induced elevation of plasma CA even at higher doses (1.9 and 9.7 μmol/kg/animal, i.c.v.). Immunohistochemical studies demonstrated that the bombesin increased S-nitroso-cysteine-positive cells co-localized with COX-1 in the spinally projecting neurons of the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus (PVN). Taken together, endogenous NO seems to mediate centrally administered bombesin-induced activation of adrenomedullary outflow at least in part by S-nitrosylation of COX-1 in the spinally projecting PVN neurons in rats.

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