Additive antithrombotic effect of ASP6537, a selective cyclooxygenase (COX)-1 inhibitor, in combination with clopidogrel in guinea pigs

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Clopidogrel (Plavix®, Sanofi-Aventis), the adenosine diphosphate P2Y12 receptor antagonist, is reported to be effective in the prevention of cardiovascular events and is often used in combination with aspirin, particularly in high-risk patients. ASP6537 is a reversible cyclooxygenase (COX)-1 inhibitor that is under investigation as an anti-platelet agent.

First, we investigated the reversibility of the antiplatelet effect of ASP6537 and its interaction with ibuprofen to compare the usability of ASP6537 with that of aspirin. We then evaluated the antithrombotic effect of ASP6537 in combination with clopidogrel using a FeCl3-induced thrombosis model in guinea pigs.

ASP6537 exerted reversible antiplatelet activity, and no pharmacodynamic interaction with ibuprofen was noted. When administered as monotherapy, ASP6537 exerted a significant antithrombotic effect at ≥3 mg/kg, while aspirin inhibited thrombosis at 100 mg/kg. ASP6537 exerted significant additive effects in combination with clopidogrel, and the minimum antithrombotic dose was reduced by concomitant administration of clopidogrel.

Our study showed that ASP6537 did not interact with ibuprofen and has clear additive effects in combination with clopidogrel. ASP6537 may therefore represent a promising antiplatelet agent for use in clinical settings in combination with clopidogrel.

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