Dual inhibition of HY023016 based on binding properties of platelet membrane receptor subunit glycoprotein Ibα and thrombin exosites

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Thrombin has long been suggested as a desirable antithrombotic target, but anti-thrombin therapy without anti-platelet thereby has never achieved the ideal effect. HY023016 is a novel compound, in our previous study, it exerted better anti-thrombotic than dabigatran etexilate. The present study aims to illustrate the excess anti-thrombotic molecular mechanisms of HY023016 through thrombin anion exosites and the platelet membrane receptor subunit glycoprotein Ibα (GPIbα). HY023016 strongly inhibited the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrous may via blocking thrombin exosite I. We also discovered that HY023016 remarkably inhibited exosite II by a loss of affinity for the γ’-peptide of fibrinogen and for heparin. Furthermore, a solid phase binding assay revealed that HY023016 inhibited ristocetin-induced washed platelets bind to von Willebrand factor (vWF). In GST pull-down assay, HY023016 decreased the binding of recombinant vWF-A1 to GPIbα N-terminal. Thus, HY023016 provides an innovative idea for designing multi-targeted anti-thrombotic drugs and laying a scientific foundation for reducing "total thrombosis risk" in a clinical drug treatment.Graphical abstract

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