Efficacy of topical chamomile management vs. placebo in patients with oral lichen planus: a randomized double-blind study

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BackgroundThe purpose of this study was to compare the clinical therapeutic efficacy of topical applications of chamomile vs. a placebo for treating oral lichen planus (OLP).MethodsThis double-blind study, randomly divided 60 patients with OLP into two groups, 30 treated with 2% Chamaemelum nobile gel (0.5 mL/3 times a day) and 30 treated with a placebo (Trial Registration NCT02421770). A visual analogue scale was used to rate pain, itching and burning sensation, and Thongprasom Index, the Oral Health Impact Profile 14 (OHIP-14) and the Hospital Anxiety-Depression Scale. Patients were evaluated at baseline and after 4 weeks of treatment.ResultsPatients treated with chamomile showed significant improvements after 4 weeks for pain (P < 0.001), burning sensation (P < 0.001), itching (P = 0.011), OHIP-14 (P < 0.001) and Thongprasom index (P = 0.001); 92% of patients treated with chamomile showed a partial or total response, while only five subjects (17%) in the placebo group showed any improvement.ConclusionThe topical application of 2% chamomile gel is an effective treatment for OLP.

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