Longitudinal plane colour tissue-Doppler myocardial velocities and their association with left ventricular length, volume, and mass in humans

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AimsWe investigated the relationships between colour tissue-Doppler parameters of left ventricular (LV) function and indices of LV morphology.Methods and resultsLV length, end-diastolic volume, and mass were assessed in 40 healthy adult subjects. Further, colour tissue-Doppler scans assessed peak myocardial velocities during systole (S′) and early diastole (E′) as well as acceleration during isovolumic contraction (IVCa) at the mitral annulus. Non-linear allometric relationships (Y=aXb) were calculated to provide size exponents (b), with 95% confidence intervals, for tissue-Doppler variables (Y) and LV morphology parameters (X). The b exponents for LV length with Peaks S′ and E′ were not substantially different from unity (b=0.87 and 0.95, respectively, P > 0.05). Peak E′ was also associated with LV volume (b=0.39, r=0.53, P < 0.05). IVCa was not related to any LV morphology parameter.ConclusionPeak S′ or E′ divided by LV length was confirmed as a valid size-independent scaling index. Conversely, IVCa is seemingly size independent.

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