Transient global amnesia after dobutamine—atropine stress echocardiography

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Dobutamine—atropine stress echocardiography is a useful and relatively safe test for coronary artery disease assessment. However, possible complications should be recognized. We describe a case of transient global amnesia in a woman who underwent a standard-protocol dobutamine—atropine stress echocardiogram for coronary ischaemia detection, after having complained about chest pain. The test was not positive for coronary ischaemia, but a typical picture of transient global amnesia ensued. Symptoms shortly resolved spontaneously. Neurological work up was negative for organic disease. Transient global amnesia is a neurological syndrome of unknown origin and good prognosis. Dobutamine—atropine stress echocardiography can be added to the described precipitants of transient global amnesia. This neurological syndrome should be taken into account as a possible complication of dobutamine—atropine stress echocardiography.

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