Pulmonary valve papillary fibroelastoma diagnosed by echocardiography: a case report

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Papillary fibroelastomas (PFEs) are rare cardiac valve tumours with reported incidence of <0.03% according to autopsy studies. Among them, pulmonary valve PFEs are extremely rare. With wider use of echocardiography, they are being increasingly recognized premortem. We describe a case of a 32-year-old Caucasian woman with PFE of pulmonic valve diagnosed by echocardiography. The patient underwent surgery due to high mobility of the tumour and high risk of embolic complications. The surgery was done with complete tumour resection and total preservation of valve function. This case report discusses diagnostics of PFEs, their characteristic echocardiographic and histological features, and possible complications and suggests treatment options in this rare cardiac tumour.

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