P1002Comparison of diastolic function between canarian wrestling and endurance athletes

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The purpose of this study was to analyze and compare the left ventricular (LV) diastolic function (DF) in a group of endurance athletes (EA), strength athletes (SA) and control. SA were athletes from Canarian wrestling, originally from Canary Islands.Methods: A population of 52 athletes (25 EA and 27 SA) and 16 sedentary controls underwent to echocardiography for assessment systolic and diastolic function. All measured were realized following ASE recommendations. DF was measured with pulsed mitral flow and TDI in mitral annulus (septal, anterior, posterior and lateral). Mean average of early diastolic mitral annulus velocity in four segments was calculated and divided with early velocity of transmittal flow (E/e). Pulmonary flow velocity was measured and Systolic-diastolic relationship measured (Vs/Vd).Results: Isovolumic Relaxation time was larger in SA than EA (89±14 ms vs 79±10 ms; p<0.05) but not with controls (86±16 ms). No significant differences were identified for E/e relationship, E/A, Vs/Vd, deceleration time.Table 1.Conclusion: This is the first study that analyzes cardiac adaptations and DF of Canarian Wrestling Athletes (SA). We did not observe significant differences DF in all athletes and controls, except in TRI that was longer in SA. It could be associated with an impaired DF but more athletes are necessary to confirm our results.

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