P1027Influence of ageing on pulsed tissue Doppler of tricuspid annulus diastolic motion in a healthy subjects.

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Pulsed Tissue Doppler (PTD) of tricuspid annulus has been successfully used to assess right ventricular (RV) longitudinal function in chronic cardiac and pulmonary diseases, however, no information is available about the impact of ageing on RV regional systolic and diastolic function in a healthy subjects.Aims: To evaluate the influence of age on spectral Tissue Doppler-derived measurements of RV tricuspid annulus in a population of healthy subjects.Material and methods: The study included 270 healthy volunteers 13–83 years old (M/F = 129/141). The population was divided in seven age decades: 14-20 (n=22), 20-29 (n=32), 30-39 (n=38), 40-49 (n=54), 50-59 (n=81), 60-69 (n=27), and >70 years (n=16). All subjects underwent Doppler echocardiography and PTD of tricuspid annulus. PTD lateral corner of the tricuspid annulus was recorded systolic (Sa), early diastolic (Ea), and atrial (Aa) peak velocities and Ea/Aa ratio.Results: (see table) At the subject who were more than 40 years was significant decrease of Ea (F=3,53; p=0,002). Aa have increased considerably from 4-th decade (F=4,06; p=0,0006). Ea/Aa ratio were progressively reduced with aging (F=21,14; p=0,0000001). The inversion E and was 59% for 50-year's, 81% for 60-year's and 94 % for 70-year's subjects. It was not of significant changes for Sa peak velocities, which was in limits 14,4±1,0-15,2±0,6 sm/s (F=0,18; p=0,98). Age showed significant correlations with (r=-0,23; p=0,018), (r=0,26; p=0,02) and Ea/Aa ration (r=-0,56; p=0,0001).In conclusion, in the healthy subjects there was a reduction of parameters tricuspid annulus regional function with aging. These data can be used as reference data in order to interpret appropriately the quantitative assessment in patients with cardiac and pulmonary diseases.

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