P1035Acute and chronic effects of smoking in left ventricular early diastolic function: a two-dimensional speckle-tracking study in healthy subjects.

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PurposeThe aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of smoking in early diastolic myocardial strain, using 2-dimensional speckle-tracking echocardiography.Methods: Participants were 32 healthy young volunteers (age <45 years), smokers (group S, n=16) and non-smoking controls (group C, n=16). A complete echocardiographic exam was done in controls and in smokers after abstaining from smoking and coffee consumption for 10 hours (group S1). After smoking two cigarettes in 15 minutes and staying in a quiet room for 10 minutes, the exam was repeated in smokers (group S2). We included subjects who had adequate image quality for strain analysis of at least 5 out of 6 myocardial segments in each apical view. We measured left ventricular (LV) global longitudinal strain (GS) changes during the first one-third of diastolic duration (Strain Imaging-Diastolic Index [SI-DI] = {(GSend-systole – GS1/3-diastole)/GSend-systole}*100%).Results: The two groups had similar age, body surface area, LV ejection fraction, LV mass and left atrial volume. Heart rate and blood pressure were equal at baseline, but increased significantly after smoking. The longitudinal end-systolic GS did not differ between groups (C: -20.36±2.25%, S1: -20.56±3.03%, S2: -20.51±3.08%). At first one-third of diastole, GS was different between C and S1 (-7.11±2.36%, -8.50±2.91% respectively, p < 0.01) and changed further in S2 (-10.39±3.51%, p < 0.001 compared to S1 and C). SI-DI was significantly reduced in S1 compared to C (S1: 57.9±16%, C: 65.1±11.3%, p = 0.01) and was further reduced in S2 (48.7±18.3%, p < 0.001 compared to S1 and C).Conclusion: Delayed diastolic relaxation is seen in healthy chronic smokers, even after abstinence from smoking for several hours. Acute smoking inhalation produces a further delay in diastolic relaxation.

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