P362Comparison of right ventricular parameters between canarian wrestling and endurance athletes by cardiac magnetic resonance.

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Background: Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMR) is a gold standard for measure and volume quantification of right ventricle (RV). Aim of our study was to compare RV remodeling, as assessed by CMR in group of endurance athletes (EA), strength athletes (SA) and control. SA were athletes from Canarian wrestling, originally from Canary Islands.Methods: A population of 52 athletes (25 EA and 27 SA) and 16 sedentary controls, all of them males, underwent CMR for assessment of RV end-diastolic volume (EDV), systolic volume (ESV) and stroke volume (SV), which were normalized to body surface area, and ejection fraction (EF). CRM was performed with 3 Teslas General Electrics MRI and off line measures with Report Card software. RV volumes was calculated in short axis view from base to apex.Results: General data table 1. EDV was larger in EA than SA (107±13 ml/m2 vs 91±12 ml/m2; p<0.001) and controls (83±12 ml/m2; p<0.001). No significant differences were identified between SA and controls. Also, ESV was larger in EA and SA (48±9 ml/m2 vs 44±8 ml/m2 respectively) versus control (35±8 ml/m2; p<0.05). No significant differences were identified between EA and SA in ESV. Greater SV was measured in EA (58±9 ml/beat) than SA (48±7 ml/beat) and controls (49±6 ml/beat) p<0.001. No significant differences were identified between controls and SA in SV. EF was lower in SA than controls (59±5% p=0.001). No significant differences were seen between EA (55±5%) and SA (52±6%) in EF. Conclusion: This is the first study that analyzes RV of Canarian Wrestling (SA) with CMR. In our study EA showed greater RV remodeling as assessed by CMR than SA and controls. However, EF remained within normal limits in all groups.

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