P749Subclinical left ventricular dysfunction induced by antiblastic agents detected with speckle tracking derived strain and strain rate.

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Background: Strain and strain rate imaging are useful to detect drug-induced cardiomyopathy.Methods: 100 women affected by non metastatic breast cancer treated with the combination of anthracycline/trastuzumab underwent comprehensive echocardiograms with high frame rate apical views of the left ventricle for speckle tracking myocardial deformation analysis every 3 months during antiblastic treatment. Mean values of global longitudinal end-systolic strain and systolic and diastolic (E and A) strain rate for each apical view before treatment and at successive evaluations were compared.Results: Data obtained are reported in the table. In particular, the progressive drug-induced reduction of end-systolic strain underlines the carditoxic effect of anthracycline/trastuzumab on myocardial fibers.Conclusions: Strain and strain rate are valuable markers of subclinical cardiac impairment during chemotherapy and represent a rapid tool for estimation of myocardial fibers damage.

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