P772Avoidance of right ventricular apical pacing improves left atrial mechanical function in patients with sick sinus syndrome

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Background: In patients (pts) with sick sinus syndrome (SSS), right ventricular apical (RVA) pacing increased the risk of developing atrial fibrillation (AF). However, the mechanism of proarrhythmic effect of RVA pacing remains unclear.Methods: We performed detailed echocardiograhic examination with Tissue Doppler Imaging in 60 pts with SSS (mean age 73□9 years, 42 F) who implanted with DDD pacemakers during atrial and ventricular pacing with atrioventricular interval programmed at 120-150 mesc (ApVp mode) and AAI mode with (ApVs mode) at 70 bpm. Echo measurements were taken after 15 mins of pacing in each mode. The myocardial atrial contraction velocity was measured at annulus of right free wall (Ra), septal (Sa) and lateral free wall (La) respectively.Results: As expected, the AV interval was significantly shorter (118□25 vs.163□45 ms, P=0.002), and QRS duration was longer (146□33 vs.97□26 ms, P<0.001) during ApVp mode as compared with ApVs mode. Although there was no significant difference in left ventricular ejection fraction, left atrial (LA) ejection fraction (50□14 vs.55□14%, P=0.005), LA active emptying fraction (32□17 vs.37□16%, P=0.018) and LA filling fraction (43□13 vs. 48□13%, P=0.007) were all significant improved by 18%, 54% and 18%, respectively during ApVs mode as compared with ApVp mode. Furthermore, atrial myocardial contraction velocities among Ra (14.0□3.8 vs.15.2□4.6cm/s, P=0.026), Sa (7.8□2.6 vs. 8.8□2.8cm/s, P=0.001), and La (8.9□3.2 vs.9.7□2.7cm/s, P=0.020) were also significantly increased during ApVs mode by 12%, 19% and 21%, respectively as compared with ApVp mode (Figure).Conclusions: In pts with SSS, avoidance of RVA pacing during ApVs mode improves LA haemodynamic and mechanical function, which might contribute to a lower risk of development of AF after pacemaker implantation.

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