P792Importance of right ventricular function in patient referred for cardiac surgery.

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Purpose: Right ventricular function plays an important role in heart failure patients. Limited studies have investigated its impact on the prognosis of patients referred for cardiac surgery.Methods: The study included 276 patients (65±13 years, 69% of male) referred for cardiac surgery [valvular surgery (n=130), coronary artery graft bypass with (n=50) and without (n=90) valve surgery and other (n=6)]. A comprehensive echocardiography before surgery was used to characterize right ventricular function using tricuspid annular plane excursion (TAPSE). Logistic EuroSCORE and TAPSE values were compared to the primary endpoint defined by one month mortality and the use of inotropic support after surgery.Results: EuroSCORE value averaged 12.3±14.9% with death after surgery observed in 28 (10%) patients and inotropic support required in 93 patients. Mean TAPSE value averaged 20.7±5.5mm and was lower among patients who died (18.5±6.0 vs 21.0±5.4, p=0.02) and requiring inotropic support (19.6±6.1 vs. 23±5, p=0.01). By multivariate analysis both EuroSCORE and TAPSE (OR=0.9, p=0.008) value remained associated to death and the need for inotropic support.Conclusion: Right ventricular dysfunction strongly impacts on outcome after cardiac surgery and should be appreciate in association to conventional Euroscore

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